Brexit: The ‘Will Of The People’ Hypocrisy

WillOfThePeopleHypocrisyWe’ve all heard the many examples of rote-learned rhetoric that comes from Brexiteers. Two of the most popular pieces, that you will see everywhere, are “the will of the people” and “taking back control”. Anyone who dares to question Brexit, or the ability of May and her inept team, is faced with these kind of empty slogans.

They’re excellent little propaganda soundbites, expertly produced by the demagogues which orchestrated Brexit, but it is truly amazing people continue to recite them while being blind to the utter hypocrisy of their words.

If, as Brexiteers make it out to be, the will of the people is an undeniable force, then surely they will agree that the Scottish people have every right to refuse to be a part of Brexit?

If, as Brexiteers make it out to be, taking back control is so important, then surely they will agree that Scotland has every right to seek independence and take back control?

No, of course they don’t.

Scotland opposes Brexit and has taken action against it, and this harms the fragile Brexiteer ego. They cannot stand the idea of being wrong, and cannot admit being fooled, so continue to convince themselves with empty platitudes while aggressively opposing any challenges to their bigoted, short-sighted ideals.

But the hypocrisy is so utterly incredible; a large majority of the Scottish people voted to stay in the EU. The will of the people is to remain. Yet Brexiteers have taken the same approach with Scotland as they have remainers in England – “sit down and shut up” and “get over it we won”.

How can Brexiteers talk about taking back control from unelected elites, when Theresa May, the unelected Prime Minister, is denying Scotland its right to take back control. A bunch of unelected elites in a foreign country are dictating to one country’s people when and how they can choose their own independence.

Yet the majority of Brexiteers are not only okay with this, they support it. In the same tone that they scream about taking back control from the unelected foreign elite, then provide praise for the unelected Prime Minister when she denies Scotland its rights as a nation.

It takes a true hypocrite to scream about “the will of the people” and “taking back control” while denying the Scottish people’s will to take back control. Will their egos allow them to see this hypocrisy?

Probably not.

UKIP Has Pushed Away Their Only MP – What Now?


Douglas Carswell, UKIP’s sole MP, has quit the party to stand in Westminster as an independent.

After abuse from the party leadership, and calls from Farage for their only MP to be expelled from the party, Carswell has left the party.

What kind of idiotic party would abuse and threaten their only link to government? What kind of a shambles of an operation are they running where they will willingly undermine and demand for the expulsion of their only MP?

The jokes on UKIP though; Carswell has now left, and so far there are no plans for a by-election. I’m sure with hindsight, Farage and Nuttall may realise that their calls for his expulsion were a bit idiotic, as he walks away with their only parliamentary seat.

Let’s take this in for a moment, UKIP now have zero MPs. Through their own doing, UKIP has absolutely zero representation in parliament!

Nuttall and Farage have both welcomed the move, seemingly celebrating this fact.

UKIP is not only losing their only link, they will also lose hundreds of thousands in opposition funding:

I’m sure a lot of people, even some Kippers, are now thinking – what next for UKIP?

  • The party has now lost the only link to Westminster.
  • The single-issue party no longer has an issue to “resolve”.
  • Theresa May has seized the Brexit crown.
  • Their party leader has recently been defeated at an election.
  • Once Brexit occurs, UKIP will no longer have power in Europe.

I struggle to comprehend how people can still support this party. If you’re a right-winger, at least support a party with a shade more competence than UKIP (a remarkably easy thing to find)…

UKIP’s single-focus has been accomplished, now they’re having an identity crisis. What do they do now?

It seems that UKIP’s response to that question is “screw ourselves over as much as possible”.

So, thank you UKIP. Thank you for showing yourselves to be a bunch of plonkers in everything you say and do. Thank you for chasing your only MP out of your party. Thank you for exposing yourselves as liars.

Is this the end of UKIP? I doubt it. UKIP will continue to exist (for some reason), and will continue to spread their xenophobic bile for the kippers to lap up.

Recent events however, suggest UKIP is rapidly losing power. UKIP appears to be struggling to capitalise on Brexit, having that glory snatched from them by Theresa May.

UKIP will continue to exist, but if they continue the way they are (and we can only hope), then they will not be much of a threat in the future.


Theresa May: Principled Woman or Opportunist?


Many people consider Theresa May the champion of Brexit. She is crashing into a hard-brexit approach and regularly hands out the kind of platitudes and rhetoric that Brexiteers simply love. She carries the Brexit flag with pride, and is certainly reaping the powerful rewards for doing so – such as the most powerful office in the United Kingdom, without an election.

So I’m sure she wishes this picture didn’t exist:


nor that this audio recording from Goldman Sachs exists:

When May initially took office so shortly after the EU referendum, I thought the Brexit crowd would be unlikely to forget May’s endorsement and support of the remain campaign.

I severely overestimated the mental capacity of the Brexit crowd …

If all of her powerful speeches about how great Brexit will be for Britain are true, then surely she must explain why she campaigned against it? Why, just a year ago, did she think the EU was the better choice for Britain?

If all her platitudes and rhetoric are truthful, then it is truly shocking that she would campaign against Brexit. If, as she says, it will make the United Kingdom ‘a sovereign and independent nation’ once again, then why did she previously publically endorse Britain’s captivity?

It’s blindingly clear why May is coming out with so much “red, white and blue” rhetoric that goes against her own principles, it’s gaining her a lot of power. With every platitude, she is elevated in the eyes of the rabid Brexiteers. Through her abandonment of the principles she fought for, she has seized the highest office in the United Kingdom.

I do not argue that she should go against the referendum, but I do say she has a lot of questions to answer about why the hardest of Brexits is her goal, and why she chose to campaign against it, if it is going to be so great for the country.


Nicola Sturgeon is right to seek a second independence referendum!


On Monday, Nicola Sturgeon, First Minister of Scotland, made the powerful speech that can be viewed below. In it she announced, in no uncertain terms, that she will begin the process of securing a second referendum on Scottish independence.


This has, predictably, divided people. There are those who support Scotland’s right to vote on its independence again, and those who oppose it. I can 100% say I belong to the first group of people.

That is not to say, I desire a break-up of the UK, or to say I support Scottish Nationalism, but I believe, looking at the situation, it is obvious that Scotland not only has the right and the mandate to hold a second independence referendum, but very compelling reasons to do so.

During the initial independence referendum back in 2014, the unionists consistently made the point that leaving the UK meant leaving the European Union. This fact formed a core basis of the anti-independence argument.


Now Scotland is being dragged into a hard-exit from the United Kingdom by the Tories, where 62% voted to remain in the EU. A much higher mandate than the 55% who voted against independence in the first independence referendum. The following cartoon demonstrates the situation perfectly:

As Sturgeon notes in her speech, she was elected on a manifesto which clearly stated a second referendum would be sought in the event of ‘a significant and material change in the circumstances that prevailed in 2014, such as Scotland being taken out of the EU against our will’.

That seems pretty explicit to me!

So the core argument which led to a No vote for Scottish independence is made void by the Brexit vote, of which Scotland unequivocally opposes, and the Scottish Assembly was elected on a manifesto which clearly promised a second referendum if the current situation (exactly as described) was to happen.

It is clear that Sturgeon has the mandate, and the right, to hold this referendum – but should she?

I believe she should, however much I love our close relationship, it is not an equal one. There have been promises for decades, coming from both Labour and the Tories, that the UK will become an equal partnership, but it has never been so.

Recent events have highlighted the inequality of this relationship even further, and the slim majority of Scots who still wanted to a part of this subservient union due to the uncertainty of leaving the EU will be looking at independence and the relationship between Scotland and England very differently now.

I love Scotland, it is a beautiful country and a place I visit regularly, and I wish it were not this way. I wish the English government were to treat Scotland like the equal partner it should be, but this does not appear likely. So, as a person who campaigned for ‘No’ in the Scottish independence referendum (2014), I fully support the second Scottish bid for independence.

Corbyn’s duty is to take strong action against those who seek to destroy the Labour party!

corbynTakeActionI have long been, and still am, an avid supporter of Corbyn’s leadership of the Labour party, but I will readily admit, it’s not going well.

The chaos within the Labour party isn’t get any better; the party supporters are split down the middle on Brexit, the MPs and the membership are still at odds over the leadership and recent opinion polls all suggest a general election would be an absolute disaster.

While Labour successfully fought off the Stoke challenge from UKIP leader and professional liar Paul Nuttall, losing the Copeland seat to the Tories was a massive blow. These were two Labour strongholds, that had been Labour voters for several decades. Labour’s victory in Stoke should be celebrated, certainly, but both should have been guaranteed.

So what can be done about it?

Corbyn supporters have been consistently happy to bleat that it isn’t Corbyn’s fault. It’s the fault of the media, the blairites, the lies and the rhetoric.

It’s perfectly fair to say all of these things, the dismal public opinion is largely down to the ridiculous (mostly unchallenged) media bias against Corbyn and the Labour party. A lot of the problems come from the blairites and their lies and rhetoric.

It’s perfectly fair to say those things, but it doesn’t help.

So what can be done?

Corbyn needs to become a leader. I know many of his supporters like his ‘kind, gentle politics’ but they are not working.

We can close our eyes, plug our ears, and keep saying it’s not Corbyn’s fault, but the truth of the matter is the Labour party is in disarray, and has next to no chance of winning a general election in it’s current state.

No matter how many times Corbyn has called to work with the blairites who consistently undermine his leadership, they continue to do so. It is time for Corbyn to become the uncompromising, steadfast LEADER that the Labour party needs to defeat the tories.

He is regularly being undermined and briefed against by the Labour right, and they’ve shown absolutely no desire to stop until they regain control of the party, whatever that may cost in terms of Labour electoral power.

There is no denying there are problems with Corbyn, and problems with the Labour party, but how can the democratically elected leader hope to solve these issues when they are being exacerbated and publicised by the members of his own party nearly every day!

The electorate will never vote for a party so divided, one of the best ways for Labour to show it will be a viable alternative to the Tories is to provide an offer of stability in such a chaotic, post-Brexit political landscape.

In order to do this, and in order to ensure Labour remains a left-wing alternative, Corbyn should and must remove the worst offenders.

People who are consistently attempting to undermine and destroy the Labour party have absolutely no right to be members of it, and Corbyn must take a stronger, more leader-like approach to the constant threats against his party.

If Corbyn truly cares about the Labour party, and providing a left-wing alternative to the vile tories, he should show it by taking decisive and tough action against those who threaten to destroy it.

“Why Haven’t You Killed Yourself Yet?”, Disgusting Questions Asked During Disgusting PIP Assessments


It is absolutely shocking how badly Britain treats disabled people. The targeted abuse committed by the Tories in the name of ideological austerity goes deeper than most Britons would like to admit about our ‘great land’.

As most will know – in order to receive disability welfare, the seriously ill and disabled must attend a 15-minute long ‘tickbox’ interview conducted by a private company (paid by the taxpayer). It doesn’t matter how much evidence is provided by doctors and medical experts, if you fail this assessment, you have your welfare stripped and are pushed into looking for work.

It is a testament to the Tory ideology that they prefer a quick, automated system that ignores medical evidence, knowing it causes significant unnecessary stress for the disabled and ill. A UN inquiry into this system found that the UK government’s ideological austerity measures amount to “systematic violations” of the rights of disabled people. Unsurprisingly this report was largely ignored by the British people, who seem quite content to remain apathetic to our government’s human right violations, as long as it isn’t affecting them.

It is a particular assessment question that has brought this brutal piece of Tory austerity back into the limelight – “Why haven’t you killed yourself yet?”

Yes, you read that correctly; private, highly profitable companies are paid by the taxpayer to ask mentally and physically disabled people why they haven’t committed suicide yet … this is so blatantly sick, I am appalled at how much this issue has been ignored by the media and the general public.

Asking people with severe mental health issues why they haven’t yet killed themselves is dangerous, insensitive and quite simply sick. People shouldn’t have to justify their decision not to take their life, in order to prove they deserve support.

This question suggests that if you’re really that bad, why haven’t you done it yet? How can we take you seriously and give you welfare if we haven’t found you hanging from a rope in your bedroom?

There is something significantly disgusting about treating the ill and disabled as a burden and as a cut to be made, but actually asking them why they haven’t killed themselves yet in order to test ‘how disabled they are’ is a new level of sick and disturbed …

And do the public care? Due to the mainstream media not giving this scandal any coverage, and the British public’s habit of sticking their head in the sand if it isn’t happening to them, no they don’t.

International Women’s Days – Let Us Celebrate Equality, Not Belittle It

feminismYousafzaiToday is International Women’s Day, a day for celebrating the women’s right movements and calling for further gender equality. This year’s theme is #BeBoldForChange, where people are encouraged to take a bold stand toward a more inclusive, equal world.

Achieving equality is of benefit to both men and women, and International Women’s Day isn’t just about women. It’s about celebrating gender equality, and celebrating the movement to help bring the genders closer together. Men (like myself) should be using this day to celebrate our sisters, mothers, daughters and friends. I also want to use this opportunity to celebrate women’s achievements and actions around the world and to highlight how gender equality helps men as well, but I hope you’ll excuse me an angry rant about self-titled ‘men’s rights activists’’ first.

With all this talk of equality, and women’s rights, it is no surprise that self-pitying men with victim complexes are hijacking this celebration of gender equality to cry “but what about me?” – It takes a special kind of attention-craving to get so upset about people other than you being celebrated, but let’s be honest who didn’t expect it?

Young, white males crying on the internet because they’re ‘oppressed’ by feminism has become so commonplace that it is entirely predictable. The anti-feminist rhetoric has spread like wildfire among “alt-right” trolls, and it never changes, it remains the same drivel that feminism is some form of attack on men.

There are very few words that express my disdain for the cry-babies who are so offended by the idea of an International Women’s Day, they hijack the cause to blubber nonsense about how attacked and oppressed they feel by others being celebrated.

When men cry about not having a Men’s Day on Women’s Day, they show that isn’t really the issue, because there is a Men’s Day and a 3 second google search would have told them that. They show they are angry because people other than them are being celebrated for a change.

This way of thinking is almost understandable; because while feminism is not an ‘attack on men’ – it is a direct attack to the bigoted views of these ‘alt-right’ trolls. It is a direct attack to the privileges they have come to expect. It is a direct attack on their bigoted views. It is a direct attack on them, and they fail to see that it is their own doing – so they cry oppression!

Feminism and gender equality is a huge help to men, and any men who want to live in a world where both genders have the same opportunities, should support the aim of getting women onto an equal playing field.

It is toxic views of masculinity and femininity that are a cause of many of the problems that men face because of their gender. It is outdated views on the motherly role of women that lead to unfair paternal struggles.

Men’s suicide rates are astronomical, considerably higher than women, and the cause of this is widely believed to be society’s view on men and masculinity. Crying and showing feelings is considered weak.

The push for equality of the sexes – feminism – is a fight against these toxic ideals of masculinity – for the benefit of both women who suffer under patriarchy, and the men who suffer under impossible ideals and expectations.

Enhancing the role of women does not belittle men, in fact it strengthens men! All men who truly care about society and fairness should understand that by not holding-back 50% of our society, we all benefit!

The fight for equality is far from over, and more can be done to ensure both men and women are on equal footing. By creating this ‘us vs them’ mentality, and portraying men as victims of man-hating feminists, so-called ‘men’s rights activists’ have pushed us backwards, and we must continue to fight their vile rhetoric.

We should use this day as an opportunity to celebrate all the strong women around the world, who have fought against sexism and bigotry to push forward real changes to society.

We should use this day to celebrate the fact women are leading at every level of society, from arts, to science, to business and politics.

We should use this day as an opportunity to celebrate all the women we care about, who considerably enrich our personal lives.

Finally, we should use this day to recognise that the fight is not over, we should recognise there is still much to be done in the fight for equality of both genders – and we should endeavour to do a little more to help remove the barriers women face in society.

Let us all take a stand against the anti-feminist rhetoric that threatens to push back decades of progress.