Trump’s ‘Travel Ban’ Is a Ban on Muslims, Can We Stop Pretending It Isn’t?


Much time had been spent considering the topic of my first blog post when the unlikely hero, Donald J. Trump, swooped in to provide me with a much needed story.

I’m of course talking about Trump recently deciding to continue with his ban on Muslims, even after the legal challenges and international outrage of his last attempt, by signing an updated executive order which bans entry to the United States by people from several Muslim-majority nations; Iran, Somalia, Sudan, Yemen and Syria.

Let’s be clear right from the start, this is a Muslim ban. Many Trump supporters are claiming it is not, that it is a ban on people of specific nationalities deemed as threats to security (as if that kind of racial profiling is any better!) …

… but Trump himself promised a ban on Muslims as part of his election campaign!

“Donald J. Trump is calling for a TOTAL and COMPLETE SHUTDOWN of MUSLIMS entering the United States until our country’s representatives can figure out what the hell is going on”

That seems pretty explicit to me! Yet some people are still confused by this!

Trump calls for a Muslim ban before being made president, where he then proceeds to do exactly as he said and people cry that he isn’t actually doing exactly what he said he would do…

Of course there are those bigoted racist xenophobes, who fully support this vile ban knowing it is a ban targeted directly at Islam, these people are abhorrent.

… but then there are the Trump supporters who don’t support a Muslim ban; I refuse to believe (out of a perhaps misplaced belief in humanity) that a majority of the 62,979,636 Americans that voted for Trump genuinely support a total and complete shutdown of Muslims.

So why, among very explicit and obvious calls for a Muslim ban, did these people vote for Trump? Why do they continue to defend his actions as anything other than the actions he himself promised?

I can only guess they either somehow did not know Trump had made these calls or they simply did not take him seriously because his campaign was so ridiculously bullshit it was difficult to tell if he was being serious half of the time… but let’s be clear, this is a ban targeted directly at Islam.

Not only did Trump himself promise a Muslim ban during his election campaign, and make his small-minded opinion of Muslims very clear, the only nations affected by this ‘travel ban’ are Muslim majority nations.

If it is about national security, and banning certain nationalities deemed “too risky”, why do many of the countries listed show no apparant threat to the United States aside from the percieved threat from their large Muslim populations?

Why are countries whose citizens have commited terror attacks on US soil not included in this ban? Such as the perpretators of the 9/11 attacks?

Donald Trump’s travel ban is a ban targeted towards Islam, as he himself promised to voters in his election campaign. This is what Trump voters voted for.

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