“Why Haven’t You Killed Yourself Yet?”, Disgusting Questions Asked During Disgusting PIP Assessments


It is absolutely shocking how badly Britain treats disabled people. The targeted abuse committed by the Tories in the name of ideological austerity goes deeper than most Britons would like to admit about our ‘great land’.

As most will know – in order to receive disability welfare, the seriously ill and disabled must attend a 15-minute long ‘tickbox’ interview conducted by a private company (paid by the taxpayer). It doesn’t matter how much evidence is provided by doctors and medical experts, if you fail this assessment, you have your welfare stripped and are pushed into looking for work.

It is a testament to the Tory ideology that they prefer a quick, automated system that ignores medical evidence, knowing it causes significant unnecessary stress for the disabled and ill. A UN inquiry into this system found that the UK government’s ideological austerity measures amount to “systematic violations” of the rights of disabled people. Unsurprisingly this report was largely ignored by the British people, who seem quite content to remain apathetic to our government’s human right violations, as long as it isn’t affecting them.

It is a particular assessment question that has brought this brutal piece of Tory austerity back into the limelight – “Why haven’t you killed yourself yet?”

Yes, you read that correctly; private, highly profitable companies are paid by the taxpayer to ask mentally and physically disabled people why they haven’t committed suicide yet … this is so blatantly sick, I am appalled at how much this issue has been ignored by the media and the general public.

Asking people with severe mental health issues why they haven’t yet killed themselves is dangerous, insensitive and quite simply sick. People shouldn’t have to justify their decision not to take their life, in order to prove they deserve support.

This question suggests that if you’re really that bad, why haven’t you done it yet? How can we take you seriously and give you welfare if we haven’t found you hanging from a rope in your bedroom?

There is something significantly disgusting about treating the ill and disabled as a burden and as a cut to be made, but actually asking them why they haven’t killed themselves yet in order to test ‘how disabled they are’ is a new level of sick and disturbed …

And do the public care? Due to the mainstream media not giving this scandal any coverage, and the British public’s habit of sticking their head in the sand if it isn’t happening to them, no they don’t.

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