Theresa May: Principled Woman or Opportunist?


Many people consider Theresa May the champion of Brexit. She is crashing into a hard-brexit approach and regularly hands out the kind of platitudes and rhetoric that Brexiteers simply love. She carries the Brexit flag with pride, and is certainly reaping the powerful rewards for doing so – such as the most powerful office in the United Kingdom, without an election.

So I’m sure she wishes this picture didn’t exist:


nor that this audio recording from Goldman Sachs exists:

When May initially took office so shortly after the EU referendum, I thought the Brexit crowd would be unlikely to forget May’s endorsement and support of the remain campaign.

I severely overestimated the mental capacity of the Brexit crowd …

If all of her powerful speeches about how great Brexit will be for Britain are true, then surely she must explain why she campaigned against it? Why, just a year ago, did she think the EU was the better choice for Britain?

If all her platitudes and rhetoric are truthful, then it is truly shocking that she would campaign against Brexit. If, as she says, it will make the United Kingdom ‘a sovereign and independent nation’ once again, then why did she previously publically endorse Britain’s captivity?

It’s blindingly clear why May is coming out with so much “red, white and blue” rhetoric that goes against her own principles, it’s gaining her a lot of power. With every platitude, she is elevated in the eyes of the rabid Brexiteers. Through her abandonment of the principles she fought for, she has seized the highest office in the United Kingdom.

I do not argue that she should go against the referendum, but I do say she has a lot of questions to answer about why the hardest of Brexits is her goal, and why she chose to campaign against it, if it is going to be so great for the country.


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