UKIP Has Pushed Away Their Only MP – What Now?


Douglas Carswell, UKIP’s sole MP, has quit the party to stand in Westminster as an independent.

After abuse from the party leadership, and calls from Farage for their only MP to be expelled from the party, Carswell has left the party.

What kind of idiotic party would abuse and threaten their only link to government? What kind of a shambles of an operation are they running where they will willingly undermine and demand for the expulsion of their only MP?

The jokes on UKIP though; Carswell has now left, and so far there are no plans for a by-election. I’m sure with hindsight, Farage and Nuttall may realise that their calls for his expulsion were a bit idiotic, as he walks away with their only parliamentary seat.

Let’s take this in for a moment, UKIP now have zero MPs. Through their own doing, UKIP has absolutely zero representation in parliament!

Nuttall and Farage have both welcomed the move, seemingly celebrating this fact.

UKIP is not only losing their only link, they will also lose hundreds of thousands in opposition funding:

I’m sure a lot of people, even some Kippers, are now thinking – what next for UKIP?

  • The party has now lost the only link to Westminster.
  • The single-issue party no longer has an issue to “resolve”.
  • Theresa May has seized the Brexit crown.
  • Their party leader has recently been defeated at an election.
  • Once Brexit occurs, UKIP will no longer have power in Europe.

I struggle to comprehend how people can still support this party. If you’re a right-winger, at least support a party with a shade more competence than UKIP (a remarkably easy thing to find)…

UKIP’s single-focus has been accomplished, now they’re having an identity crisis. What do they do now?

It seems that UKIP’s response to that question is “screw ourselves over as much as possible”.

So, thank you UKIP. Thank you for showing yourselves to be a bunch of plonkers in everything you say and do. Thank you for chasing your only MP out of your party. Thank you for exposing yourselves as liars.

Is this the end of UKIP? I doubt it. UKIP will continue to exist (for some reason), and will continue to spread their xenophobic bile for the kippers to lap up.

Recent events however, suggest UKIP is rapidly losing power. UKIP appears to be struggling to capitalise on Brexit, having that glory snatched from them by Theresa May.

UKIP will continue to exist, but if they continue the way they are (and we can only hope), then they will not be much of a threat in the future.


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