Brexit: The ‘Will Of The People’ Hypocrisy

WillOfThePeopleHypocrisyWe’ve all heard the many examples of rote-learned rhetoric that comes from Brexiteers. Two of the most popular pieces, that you will see everywhere, are “the will of the people” and “taking back control”. Anyone who dares to question Brexit, or the ability of May and her inept team, is faced with these kind of empty slogans.

They’re excellent little propaganda soundbites, expertly produced by the demagogues which orchestrated Brexit, but it is truly amazing people continue to recite them while being blind to the utter hypocrisy of their words.

If, as Brexiteers make it out to be, the will of the people is an undeniable force, then surely they will agree that the Scottish people have every right to refuse to be a part of Brexit?

If, as Brexiteers make it out to be, taking back control is so important, then surely they will agree that Scotland has every right to seek independence and take back control?

No, of course they don’t.

Scotland opposes Brexit and has taken action against it, and this harms the fragile Brexiteer ego. They cannot stand the idea of being wrong, and cannot admit being fooled, so continue to convince themselves with empty platitudes while aggressively opposing any challenges to their bigoted, short-sighted ideals.

But the hypocrisy is so utterly incredible; a large majority of the Scottish people voted to stay in the EU. The will of the people is to remain. Yet Brexiteers have taken the same approach with Scotland as they have remainers in England – “sit down and shut up” and “get over it we won”.

How can Brexiteers talk about taking back control from unelected elites, when Theresa May, the unelected Prime Minister, is denying Scotland its right to take back control. A bunch of unelected elites in a foreign country are dictating to one country’s people when and how they can choose their own independence.

Yet the majority of Brexiteers are not only okay with this, they support it. In the same tone that they scream about taking back control from the unelected foreign elite, then provide praise for the unelected Prime Minister when she denies Scotland its rights as a nation.

It takes a true hypocrite to scream about “the will of the people” and “taking back control” while denying the Scottish people’s will to take back control. Will their egos allow them to see this hypocrisy?

Probably not.

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