Red Rose Politics is an independent left-wing blog, created to commentate on current political/social issues and help to expose and criticise the ever-increasing slurry of lies and rhetoric from the mainstream media and hard-right demagogues.

Red Rose Politics is not affiliated with any political party, even though the theming may suggest it is a Labour party blog. The red rose has a long history as a symbol of anti-authoritarianism, and has become popular among socialist groups worldwide.

Author Profile:

Name:                Luke
Year of Birth:   1992
Place of Birth:  North-East England
Hobbies:             Politics, Languages, Music, Philosophy

Political/Economic Views
I am proudly left-wing, with many liberal ideals. I favour a mixed economy with much social ownership and some private property. I strongly believe in liberty and equality, and I believe these are mutually dependent on each other.

Religious Views
I wouldn’t consider myself religious, that is not to say I am an atheist, I don’t believe denying the existence of a God is any more pragmatic than believing. Agnosticism in my view is the most rational response to the universe as we know it.