Some of the Most Ridiculous Anti-Corbyn Claims

Earlier in the week, Corbyn was lambasted by the media for “refusing to answer a question about Syria” at a conference about small businesses. This negative spin is  ridiculous, bordering on sheer lies. There is clear video evidence he did not refuse to answer any questions, and merely stated that he would answer the question later at a more appropriate time. The, clearly deaf, reporter kept insisting on derailing the business conference to talk about Syria, and Corbyn stood his ground receiving a round of applause from those there to talk about business.

The media has been so brazen that they’ve happily displayed this video alongside their ridiculous headlines about Corbyn “shouting down a reporter” and “refusing to answer questions”. They know the vast majority of their readers do not have the attention spans to actually watch the video for themselves, and will happily accept the headlines as truth.

The formidable media campaign against Corbyn and the Labour party has gone beyond mere bias, and into the realms of sinister propaganda. In this article, I’m going to show a mere handful of what I think are the most ridiculous and hilarious anti-Corbyn claims.

His “Despotic” Great-Great-Grandfather

corbyn grandfather

The Daily Express, after no doubt spending hours obsessively searching through Corbyn’s family history in an effort to discredit him, found and revealed that one of his ancestors was James Sargent – a “despotic” master of a Victorian workhouse. The article goes on to describe the horrors Sargent is accused of, while ensuring to mention regularly his connection to Corbyn.

Addressing the report, Corbyn mentioned he had never heard of him before, and added “I want to take this opportunity to apologise for not doing the decent thing and going back in time and having a chat with him about his appalling behaviour”.

His Communist Bicycle

In 2015, the Times reported that Corbyn had taken a taxi, forgoing his “Chairman Mao-style bicycle”.

I don’t need to express how ridiculous this statement is, it is just purely ridiculous. The fact any journalist thought that would be anything other than laughable is almost unbelievable.

Corbyn responded, “Less thorough journalists might have referred to it as just a bicycle, but no, so we have to conclude that whenever we see somebody on a bicycle from now on, there goes another supporter of Chairman Mao”

Eating Veteran’s Sandwiches


Version after editing by Guido Fawkes

The Guido Fawkes blog inaccurately reported that Corbyn had taken sandwiches meant for veterans at a memorial service. Guido Fawkes reports that “according to respected photographer Steve Back, Jeremy Corbyn took two free lunch packs meant for veterans at today’s Battle of Britain event at St Paul’s”.

A photo later emerged showing volunteers clearly handing the sandwiches to Corbyn. The volunteers even posed for a photo with Corbyn. To confirm the matter even further, a spokesperson for Costa said the bags were available to all veterans and guests at the service.


Guido Fawkes later provided a small apology at the end of the article, and edited the article to absolve responsibility by further noting it was based on an eye-witness account. The article still has a clear anti-Corbyn spin.

These are only a handful of the finer examples of anti-Corbyn spin that the mainstream media has produced – but there is significantly more. The vast majority of media stories about Corbyn are either deliberately negative, full of spin and rhetoric, or misrepresent his policy/views.

Wether you agree with Corbyn or not – a fair press that gives us a balanced view of the facts is vital for a functioning democracy. Nobody should be happy to be lied to, or misled.

You may fundamentally disagree with Corbyn but you have the right to make that decision based on truth and fact; not to be led into that decision by hard-right, billionaire media tycoons.

Corbyn is Right About the Media and Their Response Serves to Demonstrate That

You have probably seen the headlines and posts trending on Facebook this morning:

“Jeremy Corbyn loses temper and blames media for dire poll ratings”

“When asked if he was the problem with Labour, Mr Corbyn snapped”

So, let’s have a look at this footage.

“You’re obsessed with this question, if I may say so – utterly obsessed with it.

We have a very strong opposition in Britain, if you bothered to report what we’re doing.

If you bothered to report what Jon Ashworth is doing on the health service, if you bothered to report what Angela Rayner is doing and saying on schools. If you bothered to report what the Labour Party is actually saying.

It’s your responsibility to make sure that the opposition voice is heard as well as the government’s voice. It’s your failings.”

The thing is, he is absolutely 100% correct.

As several studies have shown, there is a continual media bias against Corbyn and the Labour party. One such study, conducted by the London School of Economics, showed that just 11% of all newspaper articles about him accurately described any of his policies. In the Daily Mail, this figure was just 0%.

Jeremy Corbyn is entirely right that if Labour is heading for a disastrous electoral defeat, the media is, at the very least, partly to blame (let’s give the Blairites their credit for helping to destroy the Labour party at every turn too).

If Labour is heading for a disastrous electoral defeat, it is because the news reporters aren’t doing their job of reporting the news.

Wether or not you support Corbyn is irrelevant – we, as a public, deserve to be correctly informed. We all have a right to the correct and full information to make our political decisions. The media plays an important role in that process; and their blatant, shameless bias is an insult to the public and to democracy.

The greatest (and most frustrating) part of this is the media’s response. How would you expect the media to respond to accusations of a bias against Corbyn and the Labour Party?

With a hell of a lot of biased spiel, focusing entirely on ‘Corbyn losing his cool’ and only vaguely mentioning the actual subject matter of his argument. The hypocrisy is outstanding – let’s be honest with ourselves, if this had been May, she wouldn’t have ‘lost her cool’, she would have been ‘assertive’ and ‘iron-willed’.

Their response literally only serves to prove him right, but because of the immense power the media has over public opinion, I feel many will not see through it. Many will buy into the rhetoric that Labour is failing because of Corbyn, and his entirely correct, well-justified argument was just him ‘losing his cool’.

Corbyn’s duty is to take strong action against those who seek to destroy the Labour party!

corbynTakeActionI have long been, and still am, an avid supporter of Corbyn’s leadership of the Labour party, but I will readily admit, it’s not going well.

The chaos within the Labour party isn’t get any better; the party supporters are split down the middle on Brexit, the MPs and the membership are still at odds over the leadership and recent opinion polls all suggest a general election would be an absolute disaster.

While Labour successfully fought off the Stoke challenge from UKIP leader and professional liar Paul Nuttall, losing the Copeland seat to the Tories was a massive blow. These were two Labour strongholds, that had been Labour voters for several decades. Labour’s victory in Stoke should be celebrated, certainly, but both should have been guaranteed.

So what can be done about it?

Corbyn supporters have been consistently happy to bleat that it isn’t Corbyn’s fault. It’s the fault of the media, the blairites, the lies and the rhetoric.

It’s perfectly fair to say all of these things, the dismal public opinion is largely down to the ridiculous (mostly unchallenged) media bias against Corbyn and the Labour party. A lot of the problems come from the blairites and their lies and rhetoric.

It’s perfectly fair to say those things, but it doesn’t help.

So what can be done?

Corbyn needs to become a leader. I know many of his supporters like his ‘kind, gentle politics’ but they are not working.

We can close our eyes, plug our ears, and keep saying it’s not Corbyn’s fault, but the truth of the matter is the Labour party is in disarray, and has next to no chance of winning a general election in it’s current state.

No matter how many times Corbyn has called to work with the blairites who consistently undermine his leadership, they continue to do so. It is time for Corbyn to become the uncompromising, steadfast LEADER that the Labour party needs to defeat the tories.

He is regularly being undermined and briefed against by the Labour right, and they’ve shown absolutely no desire to stop until they regain control of the party, whatever that may cost in terms of Labour electoral power.

There is no denying there are problems with Corbyn, and problems with the Labour party, but how can the democratically elected leader hope to solve these issues when they are being exacerbated and publicised by the members of his own party nearly every day!

The electorate will never vote for a party so divided, one of the best ways for Labour to show it will be a viable alternative to the Tories is to provide an offer of stability in such a chaotic, post-Brexit political landscape.

In order to do this, and in order to ensure Labour remains a left-wing alternative, Corbyn should and must remove the worst offenders.

People who are consistently attempting to undermine and destroy the Labour party have absolutely no right to be members of it, and Corbyn must take a stronger, more leader-like approach to the constant threats against his party.

If Corbyn truly cares about the Labour party, and providing a left-wing alternative to the vile tories, he should show it by taking decisive and tough action against those who threaten to destroy it.