Welfare Cuts to the Disabled, Bereaved & Disadvantaged – The Cameron Legacy


Last week Theresa May’s government carried on with the attack on the poor, disabled and disadvantaged began by Cameron and Osbourne’s ideological austerity. This attack, as with most others, is targeted toward the weaker and poorer of society.

This move was defended as a cost-cutting measure, using the poor as a means to save money, yet not only have the Tories decided to further impoverish many disadvantaged British citizens, they are simultaneously introducing income tax cuts that will mainly benefit those with wealth.

According to Resolution Foundation, 80% of these tax giveaways will go to the richer half of households, while the poorest third will shoulder 67% of the cuts to support.

The fact the Tories keep cutting from the lowest tiers of society to introduce new tax cuts to the highest tiers of society should be of no surprise to anyone now, since Cameron announced austerity in 2010 the government has repeatedly done exactly this.

What is at least somewhat surprising is the callous nature of these cuts and who they are targeted toward.

Such as mourning families. Previously, if a parent was to die families would receive financial support to help raise the child until they turned 18. This has been the case, in some form, since 1946.

Under the new cuts, instead of receiving financial support until the child turns 18, families will now receive support for no longer than 18 months after the parent has died. This is a loss of tens of thousands of pounds for some bereaved families.

Also, despite massive protests and reports from the UN that the UK is conducting a systematic violation of disabled rights, the Tories are continuing with their abhorrent attacks on disabled people.

Now, an estimated 500,000+ disabled people will have £29.05 less per week if they’re deemed fit for ‘WRAG’ (work-related activity). Obviously this assessment is not completed by a doctor or medical professional, but an automated system conducted by an office worker.

As well as targeting the disabled and bereaved, the Tories have also decided the best way to save money is to potentially force thousands of young people onto the streets. Jobseekers aged 18-21 will be blocked from gaining Housing Benefit, which is always paid directly to the landlord. Many young adults are now faced with the inability to pay their rent, and potentially homelessness.

I like to think the conservatives can’t truly understand the effects these cuts will have on people’s lives because they live in such a small bubble of privilege; but considering how many advisors they have, how many protests have occurred and how the media have (generally) responded I think that may be wishful thinking.

It’s far more likely they know exactly the suffering and hardship these cuts will bring, and they simply think the pitiful money saved (to be handed to the wealthy in tax cuts) is more important.

Deaths, homelessness, suffering and poverty. This is Cameron’s legacy, and May is more than happy to carry on.

Crippling Austerity, Financial Cuts … Yet £490mill To Change The Passport Colour!


The Tories have been pushing an ideological austerity onto the public since they first gained office. If you were to listen to the Tories, the country’s financial situation is so poor we are on the verge of collapse, and the only way to rescue our land from financial ruin is to impose austerity.

To a Tory government austerity has a very simple meaning; cuts, cuts and more cuts. Cuts to vital public services, cuts to welfare systems and cuts to the poor. Oddly enough it also means cutting the taxes of the richest members of society.

This Thursday is to bring more cuts to spending, which were actually announced years ago by David Cameron and George Osbourne. Abhorrent cuts to disabled people, bereaved widows/widowers, low-income families and young people.

If you were to listen to Tory platitudes and rhetoric, you’d be led to believe that these cuts are vital. We are skint, and we need to start “living within our means”.

We are however one of the richest country’s in the world, and austerity is obviously an ideological choice targeting the poor. If it were anything other, why are the poor and disadvantaged the most targeted by these cuts? According to Resolution Foundation 80% of the tax cuts coming into force this Thursday go to well-off households, while 67% of benefit cuts fall on the poorest third:

What shocks me more considerably is the sheer brazenness of it. To claim we are so desperately in need of extra money that we must cut funding for the disabled and force young people out of their homes, while also giving millions worth in tax cuts to the richest of our society, is utterly ridiculous.

To make matters worse, we have recently heard that one of the first ideas that has been put forward upon triggering Article 50 is that our passport will now be changed back to its original blue colour!

We have just triggered Article 50, we are going to be leaving the EU and the single market; there is so much to do, so much to work out and so much to be organised. So naturally, the absolute highest priority should be changing the colour of our passports …

What’s that? It’s going to cost £500million!

In the same week that they remove Housing Benefit from 18-21 year olds – saving just £25 million in the first year, rising to £40 million by 2020 – people cry that we have enough money to spend £500 million changing the colour of our passports!

The money we save from taking this benefit away doesn’t even cover 20% of the cost of making our passports blue …

It makes me genuinely exasperated and angry to think that there will be 18-21 year olds struggling to pay rent, potentially faced with losing their homes and with nowhere to go being forced into the streets – just to chip in to the cost of making our passports blue.

Great Britain. The country where disabled people die, young people become homeless and parents starve to feed their kids; to pay for the colour-change of a passport.